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Once you’ve applied and been accepted onto your course it’s time for the next step: Enrolment

Whether you’re a new student or are returning to the College, you will be invited to enrol onto your course over the summer. Enrolment for part-time study programmes begins at the beginning of the summer, with full-time enrolment following soon after.

If you’ve yet to apply for your chosen course, there’s still time.  You can visit us during the enrolment period and discuss your options with our Course Information team.

For Conditions of Enrolment, information can be found here.

Outstanding Debt

The College reserves the right not to accept your enrolment if you have outstanding debts with the College or if you have been excluded from the College.

Change of Details

You should inform the College of any changes to your personal data or circumstances.

Sharing Information

Your information may be shared between local councils, schools and Hull College Group.

Course Offer

The College reserves the right to change course content or withdraw a course from offer.

Praise & Complaints

Your feedback is important to us, please follow this link to the College Intranet to give praise or to make a complaint.

Equality & Diversity

The Hull College Group is committed to providing an environment that promotes equality for all and celebrates its diverse community. To read more of our Equality and Diversity Statement please click here.

Student Behaviour and Disciplinary Policy

This key Policy underpinning the Student Behaviour & Disciplinary Process for the Group can be viewed on the Student Portal

European Social Fund (ESF)

Each year the ESF helps millions of Europeans improve their lives by learning new skills and finding better jobs.  Hull College receives ESF funding directly, and is also a co-financing organisation and uses European Social Funds from the European Union to directly or indirectly part-finance learning activities.  Your course may be funded or part funded by the ESF. The following video provides more background to the ESF, what it does, how it helps and who benefits. Link to video

Privacy Notice

Further information about the use of and access to your personal data, and details of organisations with whom we regularly share data are available here.

Data Protection Statement

The Hull College Group is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 for the collection, storage and processing of personal and educational information in order to conduct its business. The college requires your consent to store and process your information in order to deliver and administer your learning with us.

By completing and signing the Learning Agreement & Contract you are confirming your consent to your personal data being used by the College for purposes including:-

  • Delivering your education/training, including the monitoring of your progress and assessment of quality of delivery;
  • Reporting of any absenteeism and your qualification outcome to employers/sponsors/parents (as appropriate);
  • Providing pastoral support and additional careers advice including providing information to impartial careers agencies in accordance with the Learning Skills Act 2000;
  • Supporting your security; including the use of CCTV upon College premises;
  • Supporting your health & safety whilst on the premises;
  • Providing access to College facilities;
  • Supporting legal and statutory duties and responsibilities;
  • Funding and auditing processes;
  • On occasions to assist the College in identifying further products and services offered by ourselves which may be of interest to you.

This information will be treated as confidential, at all times. On occasions the College will need to process what is known as “sensitive data” which includes information concerning ethnic origin, physical and mental health and criminal convictions. Such information is required to comply with the latest equalities legislation and evidence the effectiveness of our Equal Opportunities and Diversity statement. It may also be used to provide learning support/aids, the provision of healthcare and well-being and to ensure safety of yourself and others.

The College is also a co-financing organisation and uses European Social Funds from the European Union to directly or indirectly part-finance learning activities. As a result of such funding we are required to collect and disclose to ESF such personal information.

Everyone working for the College has a legal and contractual duty to keep information safe and prevent unauthorised disclosure. Information may by necessity be disclosed to appropriate members of College Staff, Partners, Department for Education, Learner Records Service, Higher Education Funding Council for England, Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (OFSTED), Skills Funding Agency, Education Funding Agency, local authorities, auditors , employers, sponsors and parents, impartial careers services and such other bodies as may be required by statute or with your consent.

We will also provide information on enrolment, attendance and performance to the appropriate Local Education Authority or Student Loan Company on request, if you have been assessed as eligible for support. In certain circumstances the College may disclose personal data to the police or courts for the purposes of prevention of crime, court proceedings, safeguarding, or to protect your vital interest (life or death). The college follows strict procedures when releasing personal information and a copy of these procedures is available on request.

Higher Education

It is your responsibility to read and abide by the HE Regulations and BERA guidelines in relation to Research and the application of Research Ethics. These can be viewed here.

Legal Jurisdiction

Disputes under these regulations or any other regulations of the Hull College Group or any contract between the Hull College Group and any students shall be governed by English Law and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Student Experience

The College is committed to:

  • Providing you with a course that matches your ability and aspirations
  • Recognising your previous learning and experience wherever possible
  • Giving you the opportunity to transfer courses with the support and guidance of your tutor/assessor
  • An induction; introducing you to your course, teaching staff, colleagues and the College
  • Giving you information about the work you will be expected to do and how it will be assessed
  • Providing you with information, advice and guidance throughout your course
  • Providing tutors and support staff who have the skills, qualifications and commitment to support you and to encourage you to succeed
  • Providing you with appropriate equipment, facilities and accommodation
  • Providing a range of teaching and learning experiences throughout your course
  • Providing opportunities for your personal development and independence
  • Encouraging you to take responsibility for your own learning in cooperation with your tutors/ assessors
  • Marking and providing feedback on your submitted work and returning it to you within agreed timescales
  • Providing opportunities to review your progress, record achievement and plan for your future
  • Providing opportunities for you to comment on and discuss your course and college facilities
  • Providing a healthy and safe environment
  • Ensuring equal treatment and equality regardless of diversity or difference
  • Celebrating your success

As a member of the College you have a responsibility to:

  • Work to maintain a positive learning culture within which individuals enjoy and benefit from learning and appreciate its relevance
  • Take responsibility for your own learning, observing the Colleges rules and regulations
  • Treat each other with consideration and respect and value each other’s contribution, avoiding any anti-social behaviours or activities
  • Express ourselves honestly, but sensitively and listen to the views of others, working together to achieve excellence and fulfil our goals and ambitions
  • Be punctual and maintain good attendance in all classes
  • Work innovatively, creatively and imaginatively, sharing ideas and good practise with each other
  • Treat all individuals and College property and premises with respect and refrain from illegal use of facilities including information and communication technology
  • Continuously improve our skills, knowledge and practice
  • Recognise, value and celebrate our individual and shared success
  • Trust each other to behave in a manner that is consistent with our shared values

The Hull College Group is committed to providing equality of opportunity for all students whatever your chosen education or career pathway and seeks to ensure that students are able to access appropriate learning and facilities that underpins our key expectations of Excel, Respect, Innovate and Celebrate (ERIC).

Support for students with a disability and/or additional learning needs

The Hull College Group is an inclusive College and supports many students who have a disability or an additional learning need. We strive to make any reasonable adjustment possible on an individual basis following an initial assessment of student needs. We cannot guarantee to support every individual, and if this is not possible we will provide an explanation, and sign-post students to another provider/advisor who may be able to offer alternative support.

To ensure we can discuss with you how we can deliver a support package to meet your needs please contact your local Student Support Services Team on:

Hull (01482) 381932  Harrogate (01423) 878347  Goole (01405) 762420

Or to contact the team by email use the following address:

Opportunities to discuss your support needs are always available before enrolment, at enrolment or with your tutor at a convenient time. You can contact the Student Support Services Team at any time before or during your programme of study or you can book an appointment through your tutor. If you choose to disclose the need for additional support at enrolment you will be contacted directly.

Fees Schedules and Regulations

Please follow the links below for all relevant documents regarding fees.