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You may be eligible to receive FREE Transport to/from the College.

FREE Transport

If you qualify for our Student Maintenance Allowance, are studying a full-time course and live more than 2 miles from your place of study, you will also be eligible to receive FREE Transport to/from the College. Please note that the cost of transport will be deducted from your overall Student Maintenance Allowance and that this will vary depending on where you live.

Money Back for Transport

Any student travelling from outside of Goole receives a 50% refund on public transport costs at the end of the academic year providing they complete the course and have over 90% attendance.

See below for bus/train routes and timetable information.

Service 88 - Thorne to Goole via Rawcliffe (Days of Operation: Monday to Friday)

Moorends Winning Post8.149.38 11.0812.382.083.385.086.28
Rawcliffe Bridge8.209.4411.1412.442.143.445.146.34
Rawcliffe Green8.259.4911.1912.492.193.495.196.39
Goole College8.3710.0111.311.012.31 4.015.316.51
Goole Interchange8.4010.0411.341.042.344.045.346.54

Service 400/401 - Selby to Goole via Snaith

Selby Bus Station (Stand 4)6.307.208.258.339.10
Camblesforth English Salad Growers6.417.318.398.449.21
Snaith Railway Station6.477.388.488.519.28
Snaith Pontefract Road--8.50--
West Cowick High Street6.507.41 8.548.549.31
Rawcliffe Hall Gardens6.577.499.029.029.39
Goole Hospital Grounds-
Goole Supermarket7.

Train Times - Gilberdyke to Goole