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Here are some of the questions we get frequently asked.

What is 14-16 College?

14-16 College offers more choices for students currently in year nine. Students at the College will still study for GCSEs in core subjects such as English and maths. However, they will also embark on a vocational pathway and will be taught by people with industry experience and training in their vocational area. Class sizes will be smaller than most traditional schools and students will have the opportunity to benefit from the College’s close partnerships with key local employers.

What experience does Hull College have with educating pupils from age 14?

The Hull College Group has a strong background in working closely with 14-16 students. We created the Energy League in 2011, for those students displaced by the closure of David Lister School, and have a long history of working in partnership with schools from Goole, Hull and the East Riding, providing vocational courses to students, benefitting from our outstanding resources. We also worked closely with Sirius Academy, being its official sponsor from its inception until 2015.

Will students still follow the National Curriculum?

Students will study core GCSEs including maths, English, science & IT. Every student at the 14-16 College will follow a programme individually tailored to them through their vocational choices to ensure they get the most from their studies.

Can 14 year olds now join any college?

No. Only select Colleges have been given Government permission to launch provision for students at 14 to 16. Those approved have to meet set criteria: an Ofsted rating of Outstanding, Good, or Satisfactory and improving, and they must have a secure, separate area to house the 14-16 College. The HCUK 14-16 College is led by a different team to the rest of the main College and had its first Ofsted monitoring visit in March 2014, achieving the best possible outcome. Following on from this, the 14-16 College was rated ‘Good’ after its first full Ofsted inspection in November 2015.

Do pupils have to pay to attend 14-16 College?

No. The college will be free to attend in the same way state schools are, there are no fees.

Can students still receive free school meals?

Yes. Eligible students will still receive free school meals, just as they would at a school – please click for  for further details.

What about a uniform?

In order for us to support young people within the larger College community a specific uniform is important in assisting College staff to recognise our younger members, underpinning our safeguarding procedures. The student uniform comprises of a 14-16 College branded sweatshirt and t-shirt with black trousers or a skirt. The 14-16 College requires parents/carers to purchase their student’s uniform; financial assistance may be available via the Local Authority.

How do students apply?

You can either apply online (here) or complete the application forms in the packs you will have received either at a College open event or through the post if you have made an enquiry. 

What happens next?

After receiving an application we will write to parents/carers to invite the young person and their family in for an informal meeting where we can discuss areas of interest, current levels of study at school, areas of support and any additional information that would assist in supporting the student.Following this meeting a letter will be sent out to confirm the application outcome. 

What about transport?

The Local Authority set the transport rules for young people under 16 years; please contact the Local Authority directly to find out if you are eligible for travel support