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7th April 2020

With September drawing closer, we thought we’d give you a heads-up about what to expect when you start college and why it is very different to secondary school.

Ahead of starting you’ll need to enrol! You will receive a letter with your enrolment date and contact details in case this needs to be changed. During enrolment you’ll receive your Goole College lanyard which will grant you access to the building and will need to be worn every day you’re at college.

On your first day you’ll meet your fellow learners, tutors and the amazing support team who will be there to assist you throughout the duration of your time at college.

Your tutors will take you on a tour of the facilities and explain how your timetable works. They’ll inform you about which days you may be working in a workshop or classroom setting so you’ll know what equipment to bring. If you have any concerns about your timetable, you’ll be able to address these with the team and they can look at making adjustments if possible.

You’ll also be introduced to our Student Union and how you can get involved. The Student Union are the voice of our learners and can help you organise trips, competitions, charity events or simply offer you support.

So now you know what to expect on your first day, what makes college so different to school?

Goodbye school uniform

That’s right, there is no school uniform! Although a space suit or onesie may be pushing it a little too far…

Also, don’t forget that you must wear your lanyard each day you’re in college so remember to smile when you get your picture taken :)

More hands-on

Much of your learning will take place outside the classroom and within workshops, salons, work placements and more. We believe the best way to develop skills is to get real hands-on experience with industry standard facilities ensuring you feel confident and ready to start your dream career.

Any work experience you undertake will relate directly to your course. You’ll meet local employers and develop working relationships that will help you find employment when you finish.


You may notice some extra free time in between classes. This is great for socialising with fellow learners but it’s also an ideal time to catch up on your studies and complete assignments. You’ll have more freedom to manage your own time so creating your own study schedule will help you stick to a routine.

We also offer enrichment activities which can take place when you have availability. These activities are a great way to socialise, learn something new and boost your cv.

Career progression

One of the big differences between school and college is that you’ve now pinpointed what career you want and have started the direct route to achieving that goal.

College provides that stepping-stone to employment and offers you the chance to work on projects set by real employers, links to industry and the chance to progress into higher education.

Tutors not teachers

You’ll have a different relationship with your new tutors and be on first name basis with them all, so no more ‘Mr and ‘Ms’!

With smaller class sizes, you’ll find you see your tutor a lot more frequently and they’ll be there to support you throughout your course.

If you have any questions, simply email us on or call us on 01405 762420.