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14th January 2020

The Foundation Degree in Young Children's Learning and Development will help you take your childcare and education skills to the next level.

If you’re looking for a rewarding and engaging career, our Foundation Degree in Young Children’s Learning and Development could be the perfect course for you.

You’ll learn about key management skills, child development, special educational needs and collaborative practice. But don’t just take our word for it, find out what our recent graduate, Ryan Snowdon, thought about his time at Goole College…

Name: Ryan Snowdon

Course: FD Young Children’s Learning and Development

Why did you choose to study at Goole College?

I had wanted to access further education and enhance my career opportunities for a long time but was not keen on moving to a university campus on a long-term basis. When YCLD was introduced to Goole College it gave me the golden opportunity to access higher education much closer to home, which I found to be a great comfort considering I am not a driver. I had also previously studied for my childcare qualification at Goole College, this was also a positive experience as all the staff there are incredibly helpful and nurturing.

What did you enjoy most about the course?

The course has provided me with an enriched and deeper understanding on children’s learning and development. It has empowered me in every professional way that is possible and developed me into an even more passionate and enabled practitioner. Since completing my foundation degree at Goole College I feel so much more confident within my role and I am excited about the career prospects this has opened up for me.

Certain aspects of the course I enjoyed the most included work around Special Educational Needs and Development, Employability and Enterprise and Leadership and Management. One of the most fulfilling experiences about the course was the collaborations between my peers, my tutor and myself. I found working alongside other practitioners both enhanced and broadened my knowledge to a high level and supported my within my studies.

How did your tutors support you?

Throughout my foundation degree my tutor, Michelle Cameron was a beacon of inspiration and support who tirelessly helped me and my peers to create bodies of work that I’m still to this day incredibly proud of. My tutor has their own wealth of experience, having worked in childcare and education for over 20 years meaning that their level of knowledge and expertise empowered the students further.

The way in which the tutor laid out the course was creative and engaging whilst lessons were built around peer interactions and the sharing of expert knowledge. I am now studying for my BA Hons Degree in YCLD at Hull College and I continue to be supported by professional and passionate tutors who endeavour to provide students with a wealth of knowledge and exciting learning experiences.

I am thoroughly enjoying my time at Hull College, but do miss studying at Goole College because that is where my journey began and I will always be thankful for the opportunity to be part of an incredible course.

How has the course helped your career?

Initially I wanted to study YCLD with the aspiration of becoming a teacher in the future. However, YCLD is an incredibly vocational course that opens doors to a diverse array of careers. I can even go into further studies if I choose to. At current, I am enjoying the prospect of being able to choose from a wide variety of career paths which is something I consider to be of a great luxury thanks to YCLD.

I feel that it can be a challenging time for students, deciding what career path to take when it is coming to the end of their studies but with YCLD you don’t have to worry because the career options seem almost limitless. I am now looking into completing a qualification in counselling and diversifying into a career in supporting children’s mental health and emotional well-being.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to apply?

The only advice I would give to any prospective student is to go for it. If you are a passionate childcare/educational practitioner who wants to develop their knowledge and skillset further, then this is the degree for you. The modules are both immersive and creative, you will gain a wide scope of knowledge and I truly believe you will have great fun doing it as I certainly did.

For further information call the YCLD team on 01482 329954 (ext 2186) or email

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