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27th September 2017

Goole College hosted an innovative and exciting workshop to raise awareness and promote the importance of safeguarding and the Prevent agenda.

Routes Puppets are a UK-based Theatre in Education and Performance Company. They create innovative live projects that engage young people in schools and colleges across the UK.  Routes’ Prevent performance has gained outstanding reviews across the UK.

Focused on radicalisation, extremism, safeguarding, British values, equality & diversity and hate crime, this is a unique approach to an often hard to reach topic.

Throughout the week students based at Hull, Goole and Harrogate colleges’ will be attending these lives shows.

David Greenway, Group Safeguarding & Student Welfare Manager said, ‘”Goole College is an important local and regional education and training provider, and we continue to develop innovative and creative ways to ensure our students have a good understanding and awareness of safeguarding and Prevent, and that they know what to do if they have any concerns or worries about their safety or the safety of their friends.”

“These live performances are a really great way of engaging with, and reaching young people and getting them to think about what safeguarding and Prevent are about, and the impact of prejudice and hate crime really mean and the difference they can make in promoting a more tolerant and respectful society underpinned by British Values.”

Steve Wright, creator of Routes Puppets said, “I’m really happy to be performing all week to around 3000 students in mixed audiences, from all different backgrounds and courses, delivering on Prevent and British Values.“

“I’ve been developing this work nationally for a while now and I specialise in this kind of approach covering serious social issues, and as a result, word of mouth brought me to the attention of Goole College.“

“I think it is really essential that young people, alongside their learning, are made aware of citizenship, and performing in colleges gives us the opportunity to talk to them like adults, while making them aware of the adult expectations that are on them now.”

“For me, my show is providing students with a variety of things and it’s all about engagement. There’s a lot of people who came today that started their college day early and they want to be entertained, so I take the approach of adding in some comedy and puppetry, and then you can drop into the more serious stuff quite comfortably.”

“It’s been fantastic so far at Goole College. The students have been really friendly and respectful, and I have received lots of compliments about the content of the show, so I am really happy with the impact it is having in the college.”

You can find out more about Routes Puppets by visiting their website, where you can find lots of great video content.