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18th July 2017

Goole College is set to launch a new partnership that will provide a more enhanced curriculum to 13 year olds within the region.

Due to the success of their 14-16 college, Goole College will now welcome a group of year 9 pupils from Trinity Academy in Thorne to make full use of their specialist engineering and construction workshops.

Goole 14-16 College began back in 2014 and has seen approximately 100 students progress through the programme, with 50% choosing to remain at the college to study in further education.

It was this impressive record and approach which caught the eye of Trinity Academy, who, looking for ways to encourage engagement within their year 9 pupils, approached the college in June 2017 to discuss how this could be achieved.

These discussions quickly developed into a programme ready to begin in September 2017, and will see a group of identified pupils from the Academy visit Goole College weekly to undertake projects in Welding and Carpentry and Joinery, as well as benefiting from Maths and English functional skills.

The aim of the programme is to work together with the school by sharing provision, in turn enhancing curriculum and encouraging engagement to build a skill set that will equip the pupils with future job opportunities by developing Engineering and Carpentry and Joinery skills.

Starting in September 2017, the year 9 pupils on the programme will attend Goole College for the full academic year and it is hoped the initiative will continue for many years in the future, offering the same provision to Trinity Academy’s year 9 pupils.

Caron Wright, Principal of Goole College said, “We are delighted to be joining forces with Trinity Academy to help them to encourage vocational study with their pupils.”

“Goole College currently offers an alternative route to school through the existing 14-16 College and we hope that this partnership will give the pupils new vocational skills, as well an insight into the options available to them in the future.”

“Since the creation of the 14-16 College, we have built expert teams with a wealth of experience and knowledge working with this age group, and we are pleased this will now be accessed by Trinity Academy. We look forward to welcoming the new pupils in September and providing them with an enhanced curriculum which will really help and support them to grow and succeed.”

David Page, Head teacher of Trinity Academy said, “We are delighted to be working with Goole to provide our pupils with a wider range of opportunities and we’re very grateful to the college for putting together this vocational programme in collaboration with Trinity.”

“This is the perfect opportunity to provide some of our students with a more suitable range of qualifications, which we are unable to meet at the moment.”

“It is also just the start of the partnership and we are already looking at a range of other opportunities that could help us in different areas across the school, including sixth form.”

Trinity Academy Handshake 2
Left to right: Rob Witty Senior Tutor Conduct Trinity Academy, David Page Head Teacher of Trinity Academy, Kim Piercy Vice Principal Pastoral, Caron Wright Principal of Goole College, Caroline Chamberlain Senior Tutor Welfare, Anne Handley Goole College
Trinity Academy Handshake 4
David Page and Caron Wright signing the agreement.
Trinity Academy Handshake 5
David Page, Head Teacher of Trinity Academy and Caron Wright, Principal of Goole College.