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23rd March 2020

We have received initial information from WJEC and OCR today regarding the position on cancelled GCSE Exams.

The DFE (…/further-details-on-exams-and-grades-an…) has published a statement outlining the key aspects of the process, which will involve the use of teacher judgements.

Below is a summary of the information received:

· Teacher judgements will be based on the overall qualification grade each learner is likely to achieve at the end of their course of study, based on their performance on a range of formative and summative assessments.

· Teacher judgements, for this purpose will not be ambitious grades that learners might aspire to achieve, but are the grades the learners would have achieved if the exams had gone ahead.

· The full range of evidence, including teacher judgements, and prior attainment will be considered to produce a final calculated grade to award learners.

· The Exam boards aim to be in contact no later than April to provide further details on how and when to submit these teacher judgements.

· Exam boards are aiming to give students calculated grades by the end of July.

· Students should be assured that these grades are indistinguishable from those given in other years.

· Universities have been encouraged ‘to be flexible and do all they can to support students and ensure they can progress to higher education’.

· There will be opportunities to sit exams early in the autumn term or in summer 2021 if students are not happy that their grade reflects their performance.

· If students don’t feel the right process has been followed in their case there will be an option to appeal.

Vocational and Other Qualifications

· The Exam boards are together, working with Qfqual, to agree an approach to ensure no students are disadvantaged.

· They will use the best available evidence, which could include assessments that students have already completed, to confirm final calculated grades.

Exam Bookings

· As soon as the College re-opens Exams will resume Exams bookings for our learners.

With the latest updates it's essential that all students studying towards their GCSE in English and/or maths are completing and submitting the work set on Canvas as this may be used to evidence/ support progress within their subjects.

In addition to this, all students need to be in regular contact with their tutors via Canvas.